St Margaret's News September 2017 - Page 11

A HEARING IMPAIRMENT replied, so that I can read. She just looked at me, then said, I rest my case. So, on her recommendation, I consulted an audiologist in Canberra, and she tested my hearing which was severely depleted in one ear and partially in the other. She prescribed hearing aids, which I picked up the following week. The difference in my ability to hear every day sounds, was amazing. I could hear birds singing and the indicators in the car, which I was not able to hear before. I couldn’t believe the difference. A few weeks ago, I came to church without my hearing aids, as, in my hurry to get to church, I had left them on my bedside table. The church service that day was a completely frustrating experience. I moved to the front of the church to try to hear the service, but even that was not very effective. I am able to lip-read people when they are in front of me, but that’s not always effective. If someone is talking to me, then turns and walks away, still talking, those words are completely lost on me. These are things which people need to be aware of. I totally depend on my hearing aids, and hope I am never without them. And I thank God for sparing me, back in 1994 and for the ever improving technology which enables people like me to live life, hearing everything around them. - Robyn Swadling-Rope Editor: Readers with hearing impairment might find the Deafness Forum magazine “One in Six” helpful reading. A free subscription can be arranged at: St Margaret's News 11 September 2017