St. Margaret's News October 2021 - Page 4

Lockdown Lifting

Church Council had a special meeting via Zoom on 13 October to discuss and make decisions about how to proceed with opening up over the next few months as the public health rules change .
It looked at use of the property by external users and by Meg ’ s Toybox . It considered when face-to-face worship might resume , and when Holy communion at Goodwin Ainslie Chapel might resume . It also considered when other face-to-face activities , such as Friendship Group , Study Groups and choir practice might resume .
The weekly newsletter on 15 October will provide details of the decisions made by Church Council .
Each of us , individually , will be considering what we want to do ( consistent with the easing rules ) - whether to visit friends and family in larger numbers at homes or elsewhere , whether or not to change our shopping habits , whether to attend gatherings that we used to attend including church activities , whether to go to cafes , restaurants , movie theatres , galleries , sporting events and so on , and whether we will travel to holiday destinations , to visit family members interstate , to fly on planes or travel on trains .
Our Uniting Church Synod of NSW & ACT has provided a new Guidance Note that you might like to read at https :// nswact . uca . org . au / media / 10824 / covid19-guidance-note-40 . pdf . ( Do not get confused and read the different guidance note for NSW ). Remember that it is only guidance and we do not have to adhere to everything in it .
As well as detailing the pathway forward at https :// www . covid19 . act . gov . au /__ data / assets / pdf _ file / 0007 / 1874473 / Pathway _ Forward _ CHECKPOINT _ 15-Oct . pdf , ACT Health has provided some additional helpful advice for anyone feeling unsure or anxious about the changes ahead of us . They are reproduced on the adjacent page .
St Margaret ’ s News 4 October 2021