St Margaret's News October 2019 - Page 9

Nativities Wanted From Wednesday 11 to Sunday 15 December, a joint St Margaret’s/Holy Cross/Holy Rosary event: “North Canberra Nativity Festival” will be held in our large hall. More than 400 nativity displays from around the world will be on exhibition. School groups will be invited to visit the exhibition on the school days. On the final day there will be a BBQ at 6 PM, followed by outdoor carols at 7PM. There will be special outdoor decorative lighting in place. Musical groups will perform during the BBQ and the carols. So, it will be a great occasion to be part of and you are encouraged to invite all your friends, especially from the local north Canberra community, to come along and join in the festivities. Any reader who has an interesting nativity, book about the nativity, banner or other artwork about the nativity that they would like to offer for inclusion in the Festival is invited to contact the church office, or Robin Bennett or Brian Rope and provide information about their items. __________________________ Seen published on Facebook by Anonymous, which describes itself as “We are an anonymous, internet-based, international team from literally all around the world and we are constantly growing. We do not forgive. We do not for- get. Expect us.” For further information about Anonymous do a Google search for “anonymous hacktivist”. St Margaret’s News 9 October 2019