St Margaret's News October 2019 - Page 11

Anglican-Uniting Churches (Images on this and previous page by Brian Rope) Whilst traveling through Victoria on a recent holiday we found two Anglican- Uniting churches in Lorne (photos on previous page). It looked as though one had been the Anglican Church and the other the Uniting Church, but both are now operated in a co-operating arrangement. Then, as we continued our travels around the coast we found another one Church in Cann River (photo above) clearly identified as an Anglican-Uniting Co-operating Church. I have no idea of the nature of the co-operating arrangements in these two towns. However, it occurred to me that it might be good to clearly label our buildings as a Co-operating Church because that is what we are (and have been sine the beginning). Holy Cross has identified a need to audit its existing signage and replace it as necessary to better identify itself to passers by. Why not have signage on the church and the halls (and on the new Tuckerbox build- ing and at the driveway entrance proclaiming for all to see that we are in a co-operating arrangement? - Brian Rope St Margaret’s News 11 October 2019