St Margaret's News October 2018 - Page 9

My Journey e-Book Earlier this year the Australian Photographic Society established a group for members to learn how to create an e-Book using their photos. I decided to join the group and do some learning. As a first step, Pele (the co-ordinator of the group) proposed that members of the group each contribute to our shared book that he would edit. Initially, seven people, including me, agreed to be in it. Pele suggested some possible themes for the book (and invited other suggestions): 1. The Journey: pick a trip you did and come up with your own interpretation. 2. Australia: Pick a topic and go with your own interpretation. 3. Green: All your pics in green and tell us what you think of each pic. After some discussion, it was agreed to use the theme “The Journey”. Pele then gave us some “instructions”: Use your own writing style - but I quite enjoy event or character driven stories instead of plain sequential diary. Try to make yours interesting. Remember your readers are general public who have limited specific interest. We expect each person to deliver 20-25 e-Pages. The volume of e-Page is quite different from normal book page due to the limitation of "screen size". The general guidelines are 1 full text e-Page contains 200-250 words, maximum number of images per e-Page is four, large images can be spread across two e-Pages if you think it is worth doing so. The ratio of text and images - we intend to deliver a book not an album so you are expected to cover at least 1/3 of your pages with text (stories, journal, discussion, what- ever). In case of 25 e-Pages example, you need to have roughly 8 (pages) x 200 (words) = 1600+ words. Sadly, only three people eventually contributed to the e-Book. However, the three journeys described are each quite different. Mine was about a rather traditional holiday journey in New Zealand, another was about the Atlantic Puffin Birds on Fair isle in the Shetlands, and the third was about how a community was able to successfully stop the building of a road through some of the little remaining wetlands of Perth. I invite you to acquire and read this e-Book, which has already been download- ed by 401 people free of charge. The link is downloads/photo-e-books/608-my-journey/file. Or if you are reading a print copy of this and don’t want to type all that into your Web browser then, on request, I can email you a PDF. The e-Book is in PDF file format with file size of about 18Mb, and ideally to be read on a desktop computer or tablet device such as iPad. It can be read by most PDF reader software such as Adobe Reader. By default, the e-Book is in two-page display mode if you are using Adobe Reader from a desktop computer. - Brian Rope St Margaret’s News 9 October 2018