St Margaret's News October 2018 - Page 7

Our Website For any reader who may not be aware, St Margaret’s has its own Website: It has pages about us, our worship and pastoral care, our choir, our activities, our brochure, St Margaret’s News and more. There are photographs and links to community groups, including Meg’s Toybox and Holy Cross Tuckerbox. There is a page called WHAT’S HAPPENING which is update every Monday. It lists all the known forthcoming events so is an excellent place to check what is coming up or the dates for things that you haven’t yet recorded in your own Diaries or that you might like to share with your friends. There is also a page showing links to material about St Margaret’s that is on Wikipedia and to where you can Access a copy of the book about St Margaret’s First Twenty Years at the National Library of Australia (NLA). And there is also a page with links to various useful church or religion pages elsewhere on the Web. One of those is a link to the World Council of Churches Ecumenical Pray- er Cycle where the people who lead our prayers of the people during worship services can obtain information and other material to incorporate in those pray- ers. Every time you log on to the St Margaret’s site you will see a different image at the top of the page. As you look at various pages, you will again see different images, because there is a selection on the site and they randomly appear. It is easy to navigate through the various pages as they are all listed in drop-down menus at the top of whatever page you are on at the time. So, if you have never checked it out, please do and let Brian Rope know of any information that needs correcting or revising. St Margaret’s News 7 October 2018