St Margaret's News October 2018 - Page 6

AGM Follow Up During the recent AGM, the Treasurer suggested that if every member of the congregation could increase their weekly giving by around $10 that would mean we could avoid a financial problem in the foreseeable future. Please consider whether you can do that so that we can avoid financial problems. Also, during the AGM, the question was asked whether it is possible to read the St Margaret’s Facebook page without having your own Facebook account or whether it is necessary to type the link in each time. This has now been checked and, unless you do have your own Facebook account, you do need to type in the link. However, once you have done that once, you can then book- mark the page in whatever Web browser you are using and then just click on that bookmark each time you want to look at it again. Here is the link: When you open the page, at the bottom it will show two buttons where you can log in or create a new account in order to see more of the St Margaret’s page. However, that is not necessary since “Published Facebook business, organiza- tion and celebrity pages are open to the public and, by default, anyone with or without an account on the social network can read them. These pages usually represent organizations, businesses and public figures rather than individuals and have a promotional or commercial bent to them. As someone without an account, you can read posts by page admins on pages as well as comments that individuals make on the page, but you cannot make posts yourself.” Participants in the 2018 AGM on 7 October 2018 (Photo by Brian Rope) St Margaret’s News 6 October 2018