St Margaret's News October 2017 - Page 3

Carnarvon Gorge The Gorge at Caernarvon If you walk through the woods Where the soft winds blow And the tracks disappear in the bush If you sit very still as the light fades slow And forget the day’s hassle and rush If you listen to the breeze As it rustles the trees And gaze at the firelight’s glow If you watch where the stars In the heavens are gleaming And your voices stay quiet and low Your heart may be filled with wishing and dreaming Of today and tomorrow and long, long ago - contributed by St Margaret’s Friendship Group Carnarvon Gorge © Ian Cochrane Creative Commons image - U7AcaW-eWX2z-Tqd3ps-U7AbcU-Tqd3EC-U7AcvW-UGGDJM-UGGxGM-Tt7pyp-9pXhxi-UGGxuc- mvso2p-Tt7qWz-Tqd31G-mvt1tv-UGGCM6-4pqDjn-U7A6Xw-UD3XiE-mvsWJX-UiCNEo-U7AdUY-Tt7qCi- UGGEJT-mvucps-Tqd1A7-Tqd1Tb-Tt7rvk-Uvao6r-mvst9D-U7Aa8j-UD3XNs-U7AcZ1-UGGDAv-mvt3aX- U7A79y-Tqd1hG-Tt7vxt-UGGxzx-Tt7p4r-TqcZF1-UD3XAU-Tt7wjP-U7AbDL-Uvaof4-cvZ9ij-Tt7vZa- UGGxQH-U7Aazb-UGGDXn St Margaret's News 3 October 2017