St Margaret's News May 2019 - Page 5

The First Day It was an opal morning Suddenly they stepped back like a world made brand new, wide-eyed and terrified, spider webs on the branches I would swear they were listening glistened with fresh dew. to something deep inside. As I looked out the window They spun around and set off on the scene from my room, laughter now on each face, I saw some women sobbing light footed as God’s gazelles by a limestone tomb. they scampered from that place. Repeatedly they peered inside, Curious beyond measure bodies shaking with grief, I went down to death’s lair, as those who are forsaken cautiously I entered in without hope of relief. but found no death in there. © B.D. Prewer 1995 Image - Brian Rope St Margaret’s News 5 May 2019