St Margaret's News March 2020 - Page 7

Faith Film Festival For the first time ever, a film festival devoted to faith-based films will be happening in Australian cinemas. In partnership with Hoyts. Heritage Films will be bringing a wide range of hope-filled, uplifting and inspira- tional content to be seen around the nation from April 5 - 28. The festival will launch just prior to Easter, with special Easter-themed movies. It then kicks into gear following Easter with two weeks of curat- ed content screenings. In Canberra the festival is scheduled to be at Hoyts Belconnen. This information is from the UCA’s Insights magazine online website: It says there that a website with more information will be coming soon. Of course, this all depends on whether cinemas remain open whilst the virus continues. Congratulations & Welcome Beth Campton, daughter of Simon & Beverley Clarke, and mother of little Jocelyn, a delightful member of our congregation, has given birth to a son, Frederick John. So, Jocelyn will have a little brother to play with as he grows up. Our heartiest congratulations to Beth and James, and to Simon & Beverley on the birth of their second grandchild. And, of course, a huge welcome to the new arrival whom we all look forward to meeting. (Photo supplied) St Margaret’s News 7 March 2020