St Margaret's News March 2020 - Page 5

Sleep, Australia, Sleep Paul Kelly has released a new song, 'Sleep, Australia, Sleep', addressing the inaction of the Australian government in response to the climate crisis. He says it is a lament in the form of a lullaby. Par- adoxically, it can also be heard as a wake up call – a critique of the widespread attitude amongst humans that we are the most im- portant life form on the planet. Listen to it here: hY1w_c7nO4 Blessed are the Weird "Blessed are the weird people - poets, misfits, writers, mystics, heretics, painters, troubadours— for they teach us to see the world through dif- ferent eyes... Blessed are you who see beauty in ugliness, for you shall transform our vision of how the world might be ... Blessed are those who have endured breaking by life, for they are the resplendent cracks through which the light shines." - Jacob Nordby Grant to Bowral UCA A grant has been announced of $101,314 from the NSW Government's Stronger Country Communities Fund to construct a new facility to sup- port and extend Bowral Uniting Church Community Services Infrastruc- ture stage one in Bowral. More details are available at: possible-for-bowral-uniting-church-with-help-of-stronger-communities- fund/ St Margaret’s News 5 March 2020