St Margaret's News March 2020 - Page 15

Pandemic Responses Those who have attended worship services at St Margaret’s on recent Sundays will know that hand sanitizer has been available at the door, and that different non-contact ways of passing the peace have been used in response to concerns about the COVID-19 virus. Our congregational meeting on 15 March saw participants practicing social distancing. There was considerable discussion also about wheth- er or not Fork and Talk should proceed on 20 March. At that time, the hosts Kerry and John Bell were happy to go ahead if people wished to attend and those wishing to do so were asked to advise right then of their intentions. We will be confronted by more and more difficult questions as the situa- tion changes and, even, as government imposes restrictions on us. At Chris Lockley’s suggestion, Church Council is giving thought to what else should be done during this time. Things being considered include: • Changing how we celebrate Holy Communion. • What should happen with respect to activities such as Fork and Talk meals, Friendship group, Stepping Stones for Life Art & Craft activities, and the Lenten studies. • What advice might be given to Meg’s Toy Box. • When and how a decision might be made to close our church services • What online resources might be useful • How pastoral care might be provided Any member of the church with concerns or with ideas as to what should or shouldn’t be done is encouraged to speak with any member of Church Council: Chris Lockley, John Goss, Beverley Clarke, Margaret Hunt, John Bell, Anne Wilkes, Denis Wilkes, Robyn Swadling, Brian Rope. St Margaret’s News 15 March 2020