St Margaret's News March 2016 - Page 9

Indigenous Youth Suicide "A 10-year-old has taken her own life. She was one of my people, your people. Our people. She was a young Australian girl." - Stan Grant, The Guardian, 9 March 2016. Almost non-existent 30 years ago, the rate of youth suicide and self-harm in Indigenous communities across Australia is now the highest in the world. Urgent action is desperately needed to address this crisis. Current mainstream efforts by Government policy makers and health and social services are not working, nor are they empowering communities to implement their own solutions. Indigenous community leaders and Elders are calling for your support to help them heal their young people, by reconnecting them to their culture, and strengthening their sense of identity. They are asking that long-term funding be directed to grassroots, community -based programs that are working on the frontline with at-risk youth, providing vital support, cultural education and on-country healing. You c