St Margaret's News March 2016 - Page 7

Good Friday Worship Easter is close now. Good Friday is on 25 March and Easter Sunday is 27 March. The Good Friday worship service is a combined event between St Margaret’s and Holy Cross commencing at 9 AM. This special service, “The Way of the Cross”, has been planned around some of the stations of the cross. For each station a title slide or graphic will be projected whilst a narrator tells a section of Jesus’ story. Then there will be an abstract or metaphorical picture of each station (e.g. judgement or stumbling) during a reflection to help us hear our own story. Each reflection will be given from the point of view of a member of the crowd around Jesus. Following the meditation at each Station there will be a prayer and a song in which we make our response to God. It is hoped that all present will enter into the experience of Jesus’ passion, and discover new depths of meaning in what he has done for us. Station 6 - Veronica wipes the face of Jesus Station 14 - Jesus rises from the dead (Artworks above are mixed media collages, created by Jessica Miller Kelley in 2006 , from Easter Sunday worship will be at the usual St Margaret’s time of 10.30 AM. St Margaret's News 7 Ma rch 20 16