St Margaret's News March 2016 - Page 3

40 Acts of Kindness and Love During Lent this year our clergy at St Margaret’s and Holy Cross invited us to engage in 40 acts of kindness and love - one on each of the days of Lent. Often Lent is seen as a time for ‘giving up’, and whilst that certainly has its place, they suggested that this year we also engage in ‘taking up’ of positive acts that witness to the grace and goodness of God in Jesus. They noted that acts can vary from the grand and costly to the small and simple. They invited us to write on a post-it note each day of what we had done; then bring those notes to church on Sunday and post them on the walls to build up a sense of the difference we can make for good in the world, with our neighbours and families. They hoped we would join in this project, and make it a matter of prayer each day asking what act of kindness and love can I do today? Here is one group of post-it notes and just three of the individual notes on the wall so far. Images by Brian Rope St Margaret’s News 3 March 2016