St Margaret's News March 2015 - Page 2

Story Circle Writings Stepping Stones Friday Afternoon We need to cross the waters To reach the other side, But the stepping stones are slippy And the gaps between are wide. When the river’s roaring waters Made us think we’d planned in vain Many hands came forth to help us And so we planned again. There is no bridge to aid us No banks on which to ride. We have to reach the stepping stones To reach the other side. Some turned to help the others To cross an awkward stone They went to show the strugglers That they were not alone. And now we’ve crossed the final stone And stepped on to the land One of our tasks is finished For it’s here the house will stand. We know now that the struggle Was not made in vain But there are still many problems So we need to fight again. We need to cross the water To reach the other side But the stepping stones are slippy And the gaps between are wide. It’s getting hot or it’s staying cold In the little room where we all meet. Women arrive and our only man; News is exchanged, slowly or fast. Hugs, too, for some with Anzacs and tea Coffee or decaf whichever suits best. Those from the Lodge early or late; Others, late or early from houses in the north. Little Butchie prances , quite at home as well – A community sharing our time. Musical magic from the Piano Man Singing and painting; Papier mache and weaving; Mosaic and cards Margie N transforming our craft into art! Colour our passion with some glitter and hearts Abstract expressionism the key! The feeling warm and happy (mostly!) Cleaning up accelerated by a caring man. Departing on Friday afternoon . - Margaret Hunt Reflections - Pat Hewat Glimpses of colour Fluttering, twisting, turning, Are they butterflies? These are just a few samples of writings by members of the Story Circle. I hope to reproduce more in subsequent issues. Maybe you will be tempted to join the Circle? St Margaret’s News 2 Her eyes are bright What does she see within? We cannot know. Lots of laughter Energy sparking Special Fridays. Heads bent over – The pages are blank Not for long! - Margaret Notaras March 2015