St Margaret's News March 2015 - Page 12

on 21 September 2014 I think maybe my Dad has a glimpse of what Christ and the creation was about. Join me on a journey as I pose the question: Has our focus on the historical Jesus been such that we have neglected the postresurrection Jesus who is alive and with us? By not giving spiritual attention to the Christ…the post-resurrection Jesus…the word… the logos...the cosmic Christ....have we missed what is so important in our time….the renewal and healing of the ecology and life support systems of the planet…the on-going work of our loving God and creator? Well that’s my best effort to tell my story. ...but it is very much a story that is unfinished. Can we who have grown up in a Christian family where the gospel ended with personal salvation and a cry for social justice possibly grasp a much larger and grander view of Jesus the Christ? My answer is yes we can! In that case we can be a people of hope when faced with the huge ecological and climate change issues we face to live in a safe operating place on our planet. If so we can be assured that the post-resurrection Jesus will be the wind under our wings. Amen St Margaret’s Birthdays 12 March : Gwen Turk was 90 (How many nonagenarians in the congregation is that now?) 8 April : Keith Baker (No, he won’t be a nonagenarian) St Margaret's News 12 March 2015