St Margaret's News June 2019 - Page 2

Biggest Morning Tea Sunday 19 th May dawned a perfect morning and that is the way the day continued for a gathering of 65 people for our Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea. We welcomed loyal friends from all over Canberra , St Margaret’s folk and Holy Cross to the Biggest fundraising event of the year supporting the Cancer Council. To date we have raised $3222 and with a trading table, we propose to hold after Joint worship with St James and St Columba, on 23 June we could even equal last year’s figure of $3611. The Cancer Council’s goal for 2019 is $200,000 so thanks to all the amazing support we have had from you we are sure this will happen. This will be your last chance for the year to stock up on Marmalade ,jam, lemon butter, chutneys and relish. It is not something we do alone, it only happens with this annual social event by bringing people together to raise funds for those in need. Great compliments were received for the overall look of the Hall decorated in Cancer Council colours. Special thanks to Margie, David and Robin for their help in setting it up. Robin Bennett we applaud you for your floral decorations both on the tables and hall. An absolutely delicious Morning Tea was enjoyed by our guests. Thanks to the providers. No function is complete without an amazing kitchen team and that we most certainly had. So a huge thank you to each one of you. Thanks also to Chris Lockley who was our photogra- pher for the Morning Tea. Congratulations to Julia and Annika Phillips who brought in all the dollars on the Trading Table and took orders for merchandise. Working together everyone can have an impact towards a Cancer Free future so every dollar raised at this Biggest Morning Tea helps fund Cancer Council life saving research, prevention, advocacy and support programs. This is just a small snapshot of the impact you helped to make. So thank you one and all for your overwhelming support for this very worthy cause - Shirley and Alf Larson Photographs on following three pages by Chris Lockley and Shirley Larson St Margaret’s News 2 June 2019