St Margaret's News June 2017 - Page 5

at St Margaret’s Ready for the cake following UCA 10th Anniversary Service - 1987 Cutting the cake at the 20th (left) and 30th (right) anniversaries of the UCA - 1997 and 2007 Whilst many things have changed over the years - Ministers have come and gone, good friends have left us, we have all grown older, most younger people have stopped attending worship, various activities and groups have ceased - some things have stayed the same. We continue to have a close and support- ive Christian community that is very important to us, we continue to enjoy music as an important and joyous part of our worship and other activities, and we continue to be involved in the wider community in a variety of ways. The future is something of an unknown. What we will look like when the UCA celebrates its 50th, 60th and later anniversaries we can only guess at. St Margaret's News 5 June 2017