St Margaret's News June 2017 - Page 4

40 Years of UCA Most readers know that St Margaret’s pre-dates the Uniting Church in Australia. Whilst UCA celebrated its 40th anniversary on 22 June this year, St Margaret’s celebrated its 53rd anniversary back on 2 February. Before the UCA, St Margaret’s was a joint Congregational-Methodist- Presbyterian congregation; and at the time of the vote regarding church union, many of the younger members were surprised to learn that they had been baptised according to different traditions. Celebrating the inauguration of the Uniting Church - 22 June 1977 When the UCA commenced, St Margaret’s joined in the celebrations despite feeling that, in many respects, it was a non-event for its congrega- tion. Our Minister at the time was Rev Graham Ross (whose death was reported in this magazine’s last issue). During the forty years since, St Margaret’s has continued to be a success- fully blended congregation, indeed one sharing more and more with our sister church, Holy Cross Anglican. (Images on these pages taken from the St Margaret’s book, Reflecting on 50 Years, 1964-2014) St Margaret’s News 4 June 2017