St Margaret's News July 2017 - Page 2

Snippets About Lucy Lucy Sugerman is a grand-daughter of Xuyen and Bruce Shepard. When Lucy was a young girl she was part of St Margaret's for years. This year, as a fifteen year old, Lucy Sugerman was one of the final four contestants in The Voice Australia on the Nine Network and all of St M's, especially her grand-parents, were very proud and excited for her. The second youngest female artist in The Voice, Lucy grew up around music and was singing before she could walk. By the age of nine, Lucy had taught herself the guitar, had learned a repertoire of sixteen songs, and started busking. It was a huge success, making over $300 in a one hour stint of busking. However, it wasn't the money that had nine-year- old Lucy excited. It was the fact that people stopped to listen and were enjoying her music in the streets. At age thirteen Lucy became National Busking Champion at Cooma. Lucy’s favourite music is mostly contemporary folk, indie, pop and she’s a sucker for a good film score. Shocked by her three-chair turn (Boy George, Kelly & Seal) on The Voice auditions, Lucy didn’t know who to choose. Delta leapt to Lucy’s assistance coaching her with the decision and after a long deliberation, Lucy ultimately chose Team Seal. A few of Lucy’s own words from the Web: “My first instrument was actually the violin. When I was about two or three I saw a lady on the Wiggles playing the violin, and decided I should do the same. Dad researched it and found that four was probably the youngest age you could start learning violin, and my parents told me that when I turned four, they'd buy me a violin. My fourth birthday rolled around and there was no odd-shaped package. Mum and dad probably thought I would forget but oh no... I opened all my presents, turned around and asked 'Where's my violin?'. My parents never back out of their promises so I was all lined up to start violin lessons a few weeks later.” Lucy’s violin teacher, Michael Politi sings with Kaleidoscope choir and was a soloist at its recent joint concert with Good Faith choir in Quean- beyan Uniting Church When we posted our first item about Lucy’s achievements on The Voice Australia on the St M’s Facebook page, it reached 448 people. St Margaret’s News 2 July 2017