St Margaret's News July 2016 - Page 7

for Asylum Seekers Important – please read these tips for buying gift cards online. If possible choose plastic gift cards rather than digital or e-gift cards, as these are more adaptable and convenient. When filling out the “to” and “from” field on the card, as you won’t know who’s receiving it, you can simply address it “to” FRIEND and “from” yourself. When buying movie and bowling vouchers, it’s best to add enough to the voucher for two people to attend, so the recipient doesn’t have to go alone. Be aware that online orders can incur a postage fee. To avoid this, you can pick up most gift cards at your local supermarket or shopping centre. When ready, please send all gift cards to: Give Hope Team PO Box 7137 Silverwater NSW 2128 If you have any questions or need more information, please don’t hesitate to call the Give Hope Team: Alex (02) 9407 3230, Stafford (02) 9407 3204 or Jon (02) 9407 3225; or email us. See more at: St Margaret's News 7 July 2016