St Margaret's News July 2016 - Page 5

Community Diversity Festival As reported in previous issues, our second annual Community Diversity Festival will be held on Saturday 27 August this year. Meg’s Toybox, the Embroiders’ Guild, CANwalk, and the Heart Foundation have already committed to being involved with information stalls. There will be performances by the ACT Taoist Tai Chi Society, Folk Dance Canberra and our own Paul Branson’s band. A few buskers have also been lined up to entertain visitors outdoors. There will be displays of artworks by members of the Stepping Stones For Life Friday Art Group, Robin Bennett (paintings), Alison Allen (painted eggs and embroidery), Brian Rope (photography) and Brian Stewart (photography), plus a demonstration of egg painting by Alison and Trevor Allen. And, of course, there will be food stalls. Our annual celebration of community diversity will continue on Sunday 28 August with a worship service focussed primarily on the diversity reflected by our Stepping Stones For Life Friday Activities and Ross Walker Lodge. Part of the crowd listening to the official opening at the 2015 Festival. Image by Brian Rope St Margaret's News 5 July 2016