St Margaret's News February 2019 - Page 2

Bless Our Friends These are the words of a Grace sung at a Fork and Talk gathering late last year. They are sung to the tune of "Edelweiss". Everyone present thought the words were most appropriate for this regular gathering where our friendships do, indeed, bloom and grow. Bless our friends, Bless our food Come O Lord and sit with us May our talk glow with peace Bring your love to surround us Friendship and peace, may it bloom and grow Bloom and grow forever Bless our friends, Bless our food Bless our dear land forever HX Fundraising Did you know that our friends at Holy Cross are collecting recyclable containers that attract the 10c deposit refund as part of their fundraising efforts? You can assist them by bringing along your eligible containers on Thursday to Sunday each week and placing them in the collection container either in the annexe or just outside. Eligible containers are ones that are commonly found in the litter stream, including most glass, PET, HDPE, aluminium, steel or liquid paper- board (cartons) between 150mL and 3L in size. All containers that can be recognised as an eligible container will be accepted. There are some important rules, including no wine or spirit bottles and no milk containers. And it assists if you remove the screw tops before bringing them along to save someone else having to do it. Most, but not all, eligible containers have the fact that a refund the 10 cents deposit is obtainable printed on a label on their sides. There is St Margaret’s News 2 February 2019