St Margaret's News February 2019 - Page 14

Happening or Planned The program for joint services at Hackett in 2019 is becoming quite substantial. St Margaret’s will have a number of joint services with Holy Cross - Good Friday (19 April), Pentecost (9 June), Creation (22 September), Advent (1 December), and Christmas Day. There are also likely to be some joint lunches, possibly in- cluding a ‘Christmas in July’ event. We will also have joint services with St Columba’s, approximately quarterly, some at St Margaret’s and some at St Columba’s. And, St James probably will also join in one of those services at St Margaret’s (30 June). The Holy Cross/St Margaret’s Joint Executive discussed some important matters this week: There is a proposal for an Enneagram study to be led by Frances Mackay. Rev Tim Watson and Rev Chris Lockley are planning Lenten studies on Ignatian Spirituality, which will be a practical course on prayer. It has been noted that it is time to look at medium long-term co-operation between Holy Cross and St Margaret’s, since the arrangements are meant to be reviewed every 5 or 10 years. So there will be a joint workshop with Holy Cross on 23 June. Working with vulnerable children. UCA has a Safe Churches program and Synod is looking at needs relating to such things as grooming and other aspects of safety for children. The ACT Attorney General has mentioned some government plans in this area. The Anglican church has similar programs – probably same source. A church music group has been established by Holy Cross, chaired by Sue Reid. It is looking at recorded music options because of Natalie Collis’ retirement as a Holy Cross organist, and has already had the organ repaired. The repairer advised this would almost certainly be the final time it could be repaired. David Hunt and Robin Bennett from St Margaret’s are to be invited to join the Group. A working group of the two clergy plus two others from Holy Cross and two from St Margaret’s is to be established to look into new sound and projection arrange- ments in the church. Issues include quality of sound, ability for service leaders to control remotely. Possible need to lower screen. Possible need to replace screen. Need to ensure hearing loop works well. Need to locate projector and control desk away from front of church. The costs may require fundraising. St Margaret’s News 14 February 2019