St Margaret's News April 2020 - Page 7

Saltbush Ruminations Saltbush – Uniting the Scattered Community, seeks to encourage and connect Uniting Christian communities, irrespective of size or location. It seeks to enable us as a broad church to embrace the reality of being Christian community in the 21st. century and to affirm diverse ways for people across the land to belong and both to gather and be in mission together. It seeks to work with individuals and Christian communities who are willing to confront traditions and habits of the past to shape new intentional gatherings for the present future! Mark Faulkner, Geoff Wellington and Tim Jensen make up the Saltbush team. They work to build relationships across vast distance and sup- port people who are willing to explore new and creative ways of gather- ing as Uniting Christian community. Rev. Mark Faulkner is a Uniting Church Minister and has served in di- verse roles within the life of the church. Mark believes that the future of the church will be found in smaller, diverse gatherings of Christians who are willing to ponder life and faith in grounded, relational ways. Lay Pastor Geoff Wellington comes to this role as a generational farmer, growing up in North East Victoria and then in the Eastern River- ina. Geoff also comes with more than a decade of ministry experience across three presbyteries and the synod. Rev. Tim Jensen began his life and Ministry in the Northern Territory before continuing his Ministry in outback Queensland, coastal NSW and urban ACT. Tim brings with him a deep theology that relates to everyday life and community and connects the life story of people to the faith journey in meaningful ways. Ruminations is a publication of Saltbush. Available in post and online, it tells stories of scattered Uniting Christian communities and the peo- ple who give them life. Ruminations also seeks to bring a genuine the- ology and Biblical reflection for our contemporary life and world. The latest issue of Ruminations includes an article, at pp 18-21, about the joint St Margaret's and Holy Cross Carbon Action Project by John Goss: St Margaret’s News 7 April 2020