St Margaret's News April 2020 - Page 6

An order for communing A recent Tweet by Diana Butler Bass: A friend sent me this poem - in honor of those of us longing for the Eucharist to escape the boundaries of rules, and rush into the world w/the healing wildness of Christ's true presence. Take these words, inwardly digest this wisdom. They wish to be anonymous. An order for communing in a pandemic - by Anonymous She took a loaf of bread, broke it and gave it, half to the hungry, the poor, the millions whose gap-toothed pantries are emptying, dwindling sand racing through the widening neck of an hourglass and she felt the weight of a sacrament pressing into her soul as the body and blood of Christ spilled out of doors, into streets, into homes, flowing as freely, as slick and messy, as uncontrolled, as it did from his own tortured body, as if God really could be present, everywhere and in everything. Bass herself commented: To withhold the food of God, to hoard the feast, seems fundamentally at odds with the resurrected Christ and the bounty of the Spirit. My plea is to open the church's stores, through a reimagining of tradi- tion, for the sake of healing love. Why withhold medicine for the sick and suffering? Would Christ do so? There's only one answer to that central theological question: No. And to accuse God's people of being impatient and greedy children, shaped more by consumerism and individualism than the life of Jesus, is about the cruelest, most paternalistic, least Christian thing a church leader could say right now. St Margaret’s News 6 April 2020