St Margaret's News April 2020 - Page 12

I can ride a horse I can ride a horse; I can milk a cow; Ask me how computers work; I don’t know how. I can dress a lamb; I can shear a sheep; Ask me to explain a browser; you wouldn’t hear a peep. I can feed a calf; I can drench a ewe; Ask me what RAM is; I wouldn’t have a clue. I can back a trailer; could’ve been a truckie; Ask me to describe a ‘cookie’; you’d be blooming lucky. I can teach a class; I can run a school; Ask about cyberspace; I’d feel a total fool. I can write a story; even corny verse; Try to fix an iPad? I’d only make it worse. I can drive a tractor; I can use a plough; But as for modern smart phones; my only word is “WOW” I can paint a house; I can dig a well; Invent a NURA Headphone? A snowflake’s chance in hell. I guess I’m just old fashioned; a classic old Australian; In ‘century twenty-one’; I feel just like an alien. Now there is a new breed; another generation; Smart as smart as smart is; a total revelation. May they use their time here wisely; every precious minute; Taking care of this world; and all who’re living in it. - Jeff Bishop, 2017 St Margaret’s News 12 April 2020