St Margaret's News April 2020 - Page 10

Squashing the Corona Australia has been very successful in controlling the corona virus which causes the COVID-19 disease. Every day, on average, the number of new cases of COVID-19 in Australia declines. 4 weeks ago, the cases of COVID-19 were increasing at an average of 24% per day, and this had been the average increase for the period from March 14th to March 23rd. But since 23 March the growth of new cases has declined and for the last week it has been 0.5% per day. The average number of new cases per day in the last 3 days to 21st April was only 25. The death rate in Australia from COVID-19 has been among the lowest in the developed world. 69 people have died from COVID-19 In Australia (as at 18 April), which is a rate of 2.7 deaths per million population. This compares to a death rate of 425 deaths per million in Spain, 220 per million in the UK and 112 per million in the USA. (The death rate in the USA varies from 881 deaths per million in New York (17,100 deaths) to 26 deaths per million in California (1,040 deaths)). Only a few other countries have been as successful as Australia in keeping deaths and infections of COVID-19 at such a low level. The successful countries/regions include South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, New Zealand and Iceland. China, where the epidemic originated, has now controlled it, and the reported death rate there is only 3.3 deaths per million. (Many developing countries appear to have a lower death rate than Australia, but it is doubtful that their measurement of deaths from COVID-19 is accurate). Country/Region Spain Italy France United Kingdom Sweden USA COVID-19 deaths/million population 452 409 311 262 171 136 Germany Greece 61 11.3 South Korea China 4.6 3.3 St Margaret’s News 10 April 2020