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HEAD GOLF PROFESSIONAL UPDATE FA L L 2 0 1 8 Schedule of Events • • • • • • • • November November November November November November November November 1st – Limited Tee Time Available 4th – Couples Club Championship 5th – Limited Tee Times Available 8th – Limited Tee Times Available 9th – Limited Tee Times Available 15th – Limited Tee Times Available 22nd – Thanksgiving Turkey Shoot 23rd – Black Friday Shop Sale Members, This month, I’d like to focus on the change of season as we start to feel the weather get cooler. This means you’ll begin to see a change in the golf course and your golf game as well! According to, cold weather results in dense air which causes air friction, which in turn slows down the ball. The ball will fly through the air with great difficulty because of the weather and will not make much impact. Internal balance is very essential for any golf player since the game involves both mind and body. To be able to play golf well, a player needs to relax their muscles. The cold season makes players tensed and drains their energy. Energy transfer also becomes less efficient, thus the ball gathers less speed because both the ball and club are cold. The cold weather also affects the flexibility of a golf club in the sense that it may not respond to its own flexibility as it ought to thereby produce, a weak performance. The cold stiffens the shaft of the club which it more often than not made of graphite or steel. The materials a club is made of makes it flexible ordinarily in warm weather, but the reverse is the case in cold weather. Lastly, playing in cold temperature will reduce coordination and strength. Cold muscles and lack of proper blood flow in the system decreases the grip strength of a player. The cold stiffens the player’s muscles. It is important for the golfers to maintain internal equilibrium in temperature. A golf player needs energy as well as relaxed muscles to play and the cold winter prevents this. Stay warm out there! Jonathan Dick Head Golf Professional 4