St Johns November 20 Newsletter | Page 8

St . Johns Members ,
I would like to give a shout out to my team as they have worked tirelessly detailing the course the past month in prepartion for Member-Guest and fall play . We have completed fall fertility and have put out 24 tons of granular fertilizer that should aid with our winter color and turf density .
Round one of our fall pre-emergence has been completed and we will complete the second application the beginning of December .
We plan to get caught up on tree work and repair some concrete in the next couple months and look closely at some of the drainage along a few of the cart paths .
During the month of November and early January , we will be doing a venting type of aerification . This is where numerous tiny channels ( 1 / 4 ” wide x 5 ” deep ) are created within the soil profile ( rootzone ) of the putting surface . There are several benefits to performing this practice . The channels help to ease the process of gas exchange within the soil allowing potentially harmful Carbon Dioxide to be exchanged for Oxygen . During periods of warm , humid and wet weather like we have had and are currently having , it is crucial for us to be able to let the turf “ breathe ” and allow excess water to drain more quickly . The result is a healthier stand of turf .
Have a great November ,

Andy Maguire