St Johns November 20 Newsletter | Page 5

St . Johns Members ,
As we are in the season of Thanksgiving , we can ’ t let another moment go by without thanking our membership for all they do for the club . Without each of you we would not be able to put on the social events and tournaments we do . We have had record turn outs for our weekly games , brand new dining events as well as our monthly major tournaments . It makes what each of us do so much more fun ! The energy at the club is unlike anything I have seen or felt . I can say on behalf of the entire team THANK YOU for your excitement ! We will never be able to say thank you enough , but we want to try ! We hope each of you will join us on Saturday , November 14th for a member appreciation party on the back patio . Be sure to look at the flyer in the back of this newsletter and RSVP if you are able to make it .
As most of you know we have been discussing the initiation fee increasing at the start of 2021 . At that time , we may also see a wait list for our full membership . If you have a friend or family member interested in the club , now is the time for them to take advantage . For each member you refer you will receive a month of complimentary dues . If I can be of assistance reaching out to anyone , please let me know .
Thank you all again for all you do to make this club what it is . I hope you have a wonderful season of Thanksgiving !
Warmest Regards ,

Amanda Dunn

Director of Sales