St. Johns January 2019 Newsletter P3_STM77850 January Newsletter - Page 6

LETTER FROM THE SUPERINTENDENT WINTER 2019 To members of SJGCC, As we begin the New Year, we are very pleased in the conditions of the golf course and the progress made in the past year. The practice area renovation has recently been completed, with the addition of a parking area and some landscape changes. This has seemed to tie this entire area together, andtogether and providegive a nice finish from a visual standpoint. As far as course conditions, we are very pleased in the direction that we are heading. We will continue to manage turf through winter conditions to ensure a healthy transition when growing conditions are favored. Detailed projects will continue to be completed, including more drainage repair, non-slip matting on bridges, cleaning and trimming of native grass beds, etc. Also included in the next few weeks will be a pre-emergent/post-emergent herbicide application to clean up any remaining weed pressure with most concern directed towards winter poa annua and broadleaf weeds. Herbicide applications have begun and will continue to be applied in landscape beds and perimeter edges in the following weeks. There is great anticipation for this new year, with goals of continuing to improve conditions on the golf course. Andy Maguire Superintendent 6