St Helens Chamber Course Guide 2022/23 - Page 17

“ The Fast Track course boosted my confidence .”
Lillie Hill Amie ’ s Hair and Beauty
Lillie Hill , Hairdressing Apprentice at Amie ’ s Hair and Beauty is thriving in her new role . Having trained at The Chamber Hair Academy while completing a Fast Track to Apprenticeships course , her skills are developing fast !
Before coming to The Chamber Hair Academy , Lillie studied at Sixth Form , but always had the desire to go into Hairdressing .
Lillie explained : “ I went to sixth form and did Maths , business and graphics before I started the Fast Track to Apprenticeships course .
“ I always wanted to work in Hairdressing , when I was younger I had a Saturday job in a hairdressers which started off my interest . I ’ ve always loved doing family and friends hair and I realised I could do this as a career .”
Lillie saw the Fast Track to Apprenticeships course online and decided to find out more about the Hairdressing training on offer . When she started Lillie settled in well and enjoyed the support and training from the tutors .
“ I loved the Hair and Beauty Academy , I had a lot of one to one time with the tutors as the class sizes are kept small so I was able to work on and perfect my techniques which was really good .”
Not only did she learn practical hairdressing skills , Lillie worked on her own confidence and general employability skills .
Lillie commented : “ The Fast Track course boosted my confidence - I ’ d never have been able to just go up to someone and chat to someone I don ’ t know before , which in this job you have to do a lot ! But , the course helped me feel more confident and I ’ m comfortable talking to people now .”
Working in Amie ’ s Hair and Beauty Lounge , Lillie is able to learn from experienced stylists and can benefit from the support of her employer , Amie Mather .
Lillie explained : “ In my job at the salon I greet customers , answer phones , take appointments and make tea and coffee for clients . I also do the conditioning treatments and shadow stylists to help me learn .
“ I ’ ve also been able to create styles on clients too , which is great for building my experience and confidence .”
Lillie has become an asset to the team at Amie ’ s Hair and Beauty Lounge and is well on her way to success .
For more information call us on 01744 742045 or email apprenticeships @ sthelenschamber . com 14