St Helens Chamber Course Guide 2022/23 - Page 15

“ I spoke to a friend who recommended I get in touch with the Chamber .”
Caitlin Houghton Little Journeys Day Nursery
Apprentice Caitlin Houghton joined the Little Journeys Day Nursery team in 2018 and has quickly become a valued and important member of the team . Described by nursery owner Lyndsay Moore as ambitious and full of potential , Caitlin is well on her way to a successful Childcare career .
Caitlin studied Level 1 and Level 2 Childcare at college and left college to pursue her career . After speaking with friends about her future plans , they recommended she attend St Helens Chamber to start on a Fast Track to Apprenticeships course .
Caitlin explained : “ I spoke to a friend who recommended I get in touch with the Chamber about the Fast Track to Apprenticeships course , she ’ d done the course and was successful in getting a job at the end of it so I thought I ’ d go along and find out more .
“ I always wanted to go into Childcare and this seemed perfect .”
After completing 4 weeks work experience , organised by the Chamber as part of her course , Caitlin impressed owner Lyndsay so much that she offered her a part time Level 3 Apprenticeship position .
Lyndsay commented : “ She had shown she really wanted to do an Apprenticeship with us and I could see she had the potential to be an amazing practitioner , so I approached the Chamber to see if there were any Apprenticeships for her .”
Alongside this , Caitlin is also pursuing her functional skills in Maths and Level 1 IT qualifications and is keen to keep on building her skills .
As Early Years Practitioner , Caitlin supports the children at the nursery with their development and is an important part of the team .
Caitlin commented : “ I support the children day-to-day , helping them develop and making sure I follow policy and procedure to keep all the children safe . I keep the children ’ s files up to date which gives parents a report on how the child is getting on and how they are developing . I also do activities with the children like messy play to help their development .
“ I really enjoy the role I ’ m in now and love building up a relationship with the children .”
For more information call us on 01744 742045 or email apprenticeships @ sthelenschamber . com 12