St Helens Chamber Course Guide 2022/23 - Page 11

“ The support I received was fantastic .”
Alex McGrath Inovus Medical
Alex McGrath , Electronics and Product Engineer at Inovus Medical and winner of St Helens Chamber ’ s ’ Apprentice of the Year Under 20 ’ category has already seen plenty of success in the first year of his career . Alex has made himself indispensable to the team at Inovus Medical and has made a fantastic impression on senior management after completing his Apprenticeship with St Helens Chamber .
Originally , Alex worked in Maplin Electronics while he studied at College , before he was recruited by Inovus .
Alex explained : “ I always had an interest in working with electronics so I got a part-time job at Maplin while I was in College . I was working one afternoon and a man came in and requested some parts for an electronic product he was prototyping .
“ I always enjoyed trying to find out how I could help the customers – this was the best part of the job – so I got talking to him and suggested an alternative way of developing his prototype ; he was so impressed he gave me his business card and said we should work together .”
“ When we spoke further , he said he didn ’ t feel he would benefit from formal higher education . So I invited Alex to meet with our co-founder and CEO Elliot Street . After spending 30 minutes with Alex both of us realised he had incredible amounts of talent and would be an asset to Inovus Medical .”
Jordan approached St Helens Chamber to enrol Alex onto an Apprenticeship programme , having used the Chamber to train a previous Apprentice .
Jordan continued : “ The Apprenticeship has proven valuable to Alex to allow him to formalise his very obvious talents and give him a qualification from which we hope he will continue to build his knowledge over the coming years .”
Alex added : “ I knew university wasn ’ t for me , so when Jordan and Elliot offered me the chance to complete an Apprenticeship with St Helens Chamber I happily accepted . The support I received was fantastic .
The customer was Jordan Van Flute , Co-Founder and CTO at Inovus Medical , who was impressed by Alex ’ s knowledge and professionalism at such a young age .
Jordan explained : “ Alex ’ s level of knowledge in electronics really sparked my interest and it became apparent that he had a huge interest along with a natural ability to design and manufacture .
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