Spring/Summer 2020 - Page 11

roject: Complete ompletion of the Jeremy Snook Memorial Palliative e of eight projects funded through the $16M ank all our Gratitude Campaign donors for the n healthcare in our region and want to remind you very single day. and videos of the three large Palliative Suites. Each henette and a convertible couch/bed for overnight family lounge has been created to allow a quiet nd friends to gather, for end of life ceremonies, for ntemplation and grieving. ir families with a serene and comforting space. It althcare professionals, where they can provide the are for their patients. k Memorial Palliative Suites in honour of the ay in 2014. Brian and Gail were instrumental in ffle and attracting multiple donations and attention ites are named for the lead donors to the palliative a major gift from Imperial Oil and the Imperial Oil nowledge the tremendous efforts and funds received e Fouts Family Suite to acknowledge the campaign Fouts. without the generosity of our donors. celebrate the completion of the Jeremy Snook uites will soon be available to provide end of life onors, none of this would be possible. Thank you! To see the full story of the opening of the Jeremy Snook Memorial Palliative Care Suites check out this video: Jeremy Snook Memorial Palliative Care Suites Grand Opening