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The Missouri Reader

Vol. 43, Issue 2

Editorial Board 2020-2021

Ann Powell-Brown, Ph.D.

University of Central Missouri

Carolyn I. Brown, Ph.D. Webster University

Julie Bryant, Ed.D. Southwest Baptist University

Julius Anthony

St, Louis Black Authors Assn.

Dawna Buchanan, Ph.D.

University of Central Missouri

Laurie Edmondson, Ed.D.

Drury University

Mary Jo Fresch, Ph.D.

Ohio State University

Diana Houlle. M. Ed.

Blue Valley School District

Annemarie Jay, Ph.D

Widener University

William Kerns, Ph.D.

University of Arkansas=Little Rock

Dianne Koehnecke, Ed. D. Webster University

Anita Lael, Ed.D

Lincoln University

Kayla Lewis, Ph. D.

Missouri State University

Denise Mounts Ed.D.

University of Arkansas

Molly Ness, M.Ed.

Fordham University

Katherine O'Daniels, Ph.D. University of MO-St. Louis

Lara Nugent, M.Ed.

University of Missouri

Cynthia Hail Wilson, Ph.D. Missouri State University

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The Missouri Reader is a peer-reviewed online journal that is published twice a year by the Missouri Literacy Association, an affiliate of the International Literacy Association, as a thoughtful forum for the consideration of issues, practices, research, and ideas in the field of literacy. Its contents do not reflect or imply endorsement by the Missouri Literacy Association or the International Literacy.


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Editor’s Expressions -Glenda Nugent and Sam Bommarito

Chairman's Message- Sam Bommarito

David Harrison: Celebrating 50 Years of Amazing Books for Children

Glenda Nugent and Sam Bommarito

Join The Missouri Reader as we celebrate our own Missouri author, David Harrison,

on 50 years of publishing and writing over 90 books for children.

Weaving Time and Place into the Facts:

Buried Lives: The Enslaved People of George Washington’s Mount Vernon

Carla McClafferty

Find ideas for your student’s authentic research as this award-winning author of nonfiction shares how she researched her newest book, Buried Lives: The Enslaved People of George Washington’s Mount Vernon.

Making Connections to Math Concepts: Elapsed Time

Kathy Danielson

Connect math concepts to students’ own lives with this study of elapsed time, including book recommendations to support the concept.

A Classroom Ritual to Conquer Word Problems

Ananthi Sankaranarayanan

Literacy is intertwined with content subjects and is crucial in making sense of problems. Explore what will help students with word problems by consistently using literacy and mathematics strategies together.

Never Too Young for a STEM Summer Camp

Neha Anand and Bulent Dogan

See how the curriculum and instructional methods used in this 3-week camp were fun and promoted the higher-order thinking skills in young children.

55 Ideas for Celebrating National Poetry Month - or ANY Month

 David l. Harrison and Friends

 David and his poet friends share some ideas for reading and performing

poetry as well as ideas for writing poetry.


Julius B. Anthony

Inspire students to ‘do it’ with this poem.

The Story of a Girl Who Wanted to Write

 Kelly Byrd

One author’s inspiration to become a writer is a moving inspiration for all.

How Do You Engage Developing Middle Grade Readers?

Evan Robb

Get tips from Laura Robb and David Harrison’s new book to engage all middle school readers, especially those reading below grade level who may be embarrassed about reading “baby books.

Literacy Stations -- Needed Now More Than Ever!

Debbie Diller

Find out from the number one literacy station expert how to effectively use literacy stations while social distancing.

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