Janice Cantore Ellie’s back in Charm to ask forgiveness and prove she’s committed to the Amish life, but not everyone is willing to welcome her back. She’d like to find a husband, but gossips keep her past alive. Joel considers her, but his family and friends don’t approve. Will he give her a chance? Can they overcome the turmoil they face? Danger isn’t new to Police Chief Tess O’Rourke, but Oliver MacPherson fears she’s too quick to jump into it. They’re growing closer every day. When he helps her say yes to sheltering a witness in a high-profile human trafficking case, this time the danger finds them both. www.janicecantore.com https://www.mollyjebber.com/ Sandra Mansfield Wright The verses, scriptures, and stories related in these books encourage and uplift, pointing the way to a life of greater Joy and Hope. Easy to read books of inspirational and relevant writings for today’s busy reader. sandramansfieldwright.com by Nina Norstrom Mirror, Mirrors tell me NO lies . . . Tastefully gratifying! That is the fulfillment enriched with those self-discoveries. We each seek to define our own self-love. How does self-love appear in YOUR life? Don’t let a mirror dictate your destiny. Take the journey, discover those self-dimensions, that teaches the meaning of self-love and its self-awareness about toxicity. Elaine McDermott A poetry collection from Gulf Coast poet, Elaine McDermott. Categories include: Reflections, On the Light Side, Coastal Cruisin’, Once Upon a Streetcar, and Poet’s Palette. “A master of sensitivity and imagery, Elaine McDermott’s Kite in the Wind satisfies the soul.”- Johnnie Bernhard, award-winning author of A Good Girl and How We Came to Be.