Trinity Tales of Tresia Phyllis f. McManus J A McPhail Before the beginning of Time, they were Three in One. From the empty expanse of space they spoke into existence the Realms of Tresia; a home, but no family. So they created children. Karlee Baxter Wilcox came back to her hometown, Monroe, North Carolina, to bury her mama. She discovered a box that held secrets that would change her life forever. Will Karlee have the strength and courage to face the secrets, or will she close the box keeping everyone from knowing the truth about her parents? T. M. Brown SANCTUA RY A Legacy of Memories Unassuming Shiloh in Southern Georgia offers an idyllic retirement for Theo and Liddy Phillips. They discover the locals are warm and welcoming, but Theo’s curiosity uncovers some secrets that others would have preferred remained hidden. TESTA MENT An Unexpected Return Blossoming friendships and new opportunities invigorate Theo and Liddy Phillips as they settle in Shiloh after their rocky beginning. However, a former resident from the town’s past returns and more tragedy and uncertainty lies ahead. http://tmbrownauthor.com