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Spring 2022

Meet Our Long-Term Lovables !

At West Suburban Humane Society , we do not have a time limit on how long an animal can stay at our adoption center . Some animals take longer than others to find their family and that ’ s okay . We call these animals Long-Term Lovables . A Long-Term Lovable is a pet that has been in our care for more than 90 days . These hidden gems have been overlooked , time and time again , for reasons out of their control .

There is always something special about adopting a pet that ’ s been waiting for a long time ! Because they ’ ve been here a little longer than others , we can often tell you more about their most charming qualities and their quirkiest attributes . We know what toys they love and where they like to be scratched or petted .
We ’ d like to introduce you to our current Long-Term Lovables and give you a more personal view of each of one :
Hi there , my name is Teddy and I have been described by WSHS volunteers as “ Mr . Personality ,” “ photogenic ,” and “ a blast !” I ’ m playful and love to have fun as long as I get to pick the game and make the rules . I ’ m an independent cat even though I love people . Who else am I gonna play with ? I want to live with someone who gets me and my tricks so an adult only , experienced cat home would be ideal . No other pets please , I want to be your only love . So , if you want one handsomely
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groomed , devilishly charming boy who is full of personality , look no further . I fit the bill !
Hey there , I ’ m Mice Cube . Look closely and you ’ ll see my cute teeth , also known as “ fangs .” Don ’ t worry , I usually use them for good , not evil ! I ’ m what you ’ d call a “ proverbial cat ,” who lives life on my terms and loves my food . As a proverbial cat , I like my space and don ’ t need people fawning over me . But I long to have a family to call my own and am ready to blow this popsicle stand as soon as you say the word !
Hi , I ’ m Rocky . I love other dogs and am respectful of cats , so it would be just fine if my new family has some ! I ’ m a well-educated pup since I live in a foster home with a professional dog trainer . I am a perfect gentleman in the house : I ’ m housetrained , I sleep great , I don ’ t counter surf , and I have awesome leash-walking skills . Bones , toys , and puzzles keep me occupied . I love playing with my dog brother and cat friend . I make new dog friends easily and respect that some dogs don ’ t play as much as I do so I settle down when they ask .
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