Spring 2022 Newsletter_Digital | Page 7

Eight year old Nora Miller wanted to raise money for the cats and dogs of WSHS so she asked her friends and family for donations on their behalf .
Donate today online at www . wshs-dg . org

Hearty Thanks !

The J . T . Manning chapter of National Honor Society at Westmont High School hosted a fundraiser in February to benefit the adoption center . Two NHS members offered students the opportunity to purchase a raffle ticket , the winning ticket awarding that person with a pizza lunch for their table . They raised and donated $ 100 to the adoption center .
The LaGrange Highlands Leo Club made homemade dog treats and sold them . They donated the proceeds of $ 800 to the adoption center .
Nora Miller
Adele Tervydis , Ellie Reece and Ellery Coleman of Downers Grove had birthdays and asked for donations for the animals instead of gifts for themselves . They donated food and supplies .
The students at William Murphy Elementary School did a food and supply drive for the adoption center . They donated tons of food and supplies as well as over $ 300 .
LaGrange Highlands Leo Club
The Glenbard East Student Council coordinated a fun fundraiser . Students and staff voted for staff members they would like to see participate in Glenbard East ’ s annual turkey contest . Students and staff then voted by donating money and designating the staff member they would like to see dress up in a turkey costume . The three staff members with the most donations got their funds donated to the charity of their choice and WSHS was one of them . They donated $ 19.39 .
Woodridge District 68 students participated in International SEL Day on March 11th . Each grade level was asked to plan an activity that would give back to the community . The 6th graders from Meadowview School decided to make rope toys for dogs from old t-shirts . Fifty students participated along with their teachers , Mrs . Nickels and Mrs . Martin to make a variety of DIY toys for the dogs at the adoption center .
Adele Tervydis , Ellie Reece and Ellery Coleman of Downers Grove
William Murphy Elementary School