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Puck Male | 1 year old | Grey DSH
Hi !
Lance is adjusting very well and we are in love with him ! We changed his name to Kash and he has been spoiled with lots of toys and playtime . We took him to the vet and he got his rabies shot and he will be getting a puppy spa day at the groomers ! He is doing very well with potty and crate training , and we are going to puppy training classes very soon . My daughter absolutely loves him and you can tell they are going to be the best of friends . I gave WSHS a 5 star review on google ! I had such a great experience ! Thank you so much for letting us adopt him !
The Szot family

Stray Thoughts Spring 2022

Ready for a Home

Puck Male | 1 year old | Grey DSH

Hello ! My name is Puck , and I am a handsome boy . I am the color of a storm cloud full of rain , only the rain is love and I will pour it all over you until you are flooded with love and will have to build an ark for us to live on .
I was strolling the streets of Cicero , looking for trouble , when I got picked up and whisked away to West Suburban Humane Society . I am a 10 month old boy who loves to be admired , although I am not a big fan of other cats . I am a bit of an instigator , so I should probably go to a one cat household , but believe me , I am more than enough to fill your kitty needs . I ’ m not great with dogs either , but I do love people .
If you are an admirer of the feline form , and want a good solo friend , then I am your guy . Come give me a visit , I would really like to meet you and get to know you ! Until then I will be creating as much mischief as the god I was named after .
Hi there WSHS friends !

Emails and Letters from Adopters

Patricia and Toboggan are acclimating nicely to their new home and forever family ! We love them so much ! We haven ’ t selected new names because we can ’ t all agree on anything yet . Thank you so much for caring for them before us .
Hello ,
Things are going amazing with Arthur , now Moose ! He is a wonderful pup and fits right in . We love him ! We took him and Lola to the dog days at the Morton Arboretum today and he did an awesome job . He ’ s such a good boy . Thank you so much for everything ! We will keep in touch !
Hello ,
I wanted to follow up on my mom ’ s cat adoption . They have happily settled in at her home and are regularly found zooming around the house after breakfast or crashed out on my mom ’ s lap . They seem to be buddies and enjoy living with my mom . Bella ( Reeba ) is still skittish , but extremely curious . Tigger ( Sonic ) is a lap / pet me magnet . Thanks for helping them to be such great cats ! We ’ re so glad they found a home with my mom .
Elizabeth & Fran Hagen