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Healthy and Happy , Pandy is Ready for a New Home

Pandy was a bouncy , one-year-old Lab mix when she arrived at West Suburban Humane Society in 2015 from one of our rescue partners in Southern Indiana . She was only at our Adoption Center for eight days before she was adopted .

Pandy lived with her loving family for almost six years , but unfortunately , she developed ongoing medical issues that her family didn ’ t have the resources to treat . Pandy ’ s family made the difficult decision to return her to us so WSHS could give her the care she needed .
WSHS makes a lifelong commitment to our animals so we welcomed Pandy back to our Adoption Center . Once Pandy arrived and was evaluated , we could tell that bladder stones were making her uncomfortable and causing her to urinate frequently . We made an appointment with our vet partners , and upon x-raying Pandy , they found that 80 % of her bladder was blocked by stones . The vet removed the stones by surgery , and after two weeks , Pandy was feeling much better and was ready to find her new loving family and forever home .
Pandy is a silly , fun-loving girl that has a real zest for life . As a lab , she also loves water ! Her volunteer buddy says : “ Pandy is so enthusiastic when I take her out . She can walk long distances , and she has been getting more and more comfortable with new things like car noises . It is a joy to play with her , and she comes alive in our indoor playroom . She loves playing with toys , fetching toys , laying on the couch , and laying on her back for massages .” www . WSHS-DG . org
With her prescription diet , Pandy ’ s stones are unlikely to reoccur and Pandy has several years of love left to give . She is just waiting for that special someone to notice her and make her part of their family .
We ’ re so glad that our volunteers and supporters help us make a lifelong commitment to each dog and cat . Once an animal comes into our care , your support ensures that we can go above and beyond to give them the best quality of life and the best chance at finding a loving family .


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