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Vol. 53 / Number 2 / Spring 2013 LETTERS Chairman’s Message There is an enormous need in our society for young men with strong moral values, steadfast character, enduring integrity and outstanding intellectual capability. Brother Rice High School is one of those rare places that has dedicated professional faculty and staff who unwaveringly help young men grow to meet these standards. Ten years ago, my family made the decision to send our son to Brother Rice. That decision was based on our expectation that Brother Rice would provide an exceptional academic and character building experience – it turns out that our decision was a very good one. Today, our son is an engineering graduate from the University of Dayton working on his MBA and starting a robotics company. Brother Rice made a tremendous difference in his life and our family has seen firsthand the value of a Brother Rice education for many young men. I choose to volunteer and donate to Brother Rice because it is a unique organization made up of exceedingly dedicated faculty and staff who are completely committed to the well rounded development of the young men at Brother Rice High School. As Chairman of the Board of Directors, I am very conscious of our obligation to Editor’s note: In December, after learning that David Widzinski, a student at Catholic Central, had died tragically in his sleep, the Brother Rice student body organized a “CC Blue” effort. Students, who wore blue dress shirts to honor the family, gathered in the Atrium during mentor group to say a prayer. I am a Catholic Central graduate. One thing I will carry with me for the rest of my life is the rivalry between Brother Rice and CC. When I saw the photo of what you and your boys did for David, it brought tears to my eyes. Your young men truly conducted themselves with class and honor. Anonymous BOARD OF DIRECTORS Thomas P. Dekar, Chairman Retired Vice Chairman, Deloitte Laura Anger Executive Vice President, Flagstar Bank Jon Ball ‘78, CPA Louis Bitonti Regarding the two opinions expressed in your “Letters” section, it would truly be refreshing if an educational institution refrained from “politically correct” material. I would prefer material that is positive, upbeat and life-affirming. There is plenty of that within the Rice community, I promise you! Mike Davey ’81 Troy Founder, Spherical Consulting President & CEO, LD3 Event Management Thomas W. Chisholm ‘80 Consultant, Buz.fm Patrick McQueen ‘64 Thomas Ondrla Former Chairman, The PrivateBank Retired President/Principal, Saint Laurence HS Robert Pulte ‘79 Founder & President, Manor Homes Walter G. Schwartz ‘83 Director, Schwartz & Co. Br. Gregory Timothy Smyth, CFC Paul Stachowiak President, Integrated Design Solutions Campus Minister/Teacher, Saint Laurence HS Thomas Van Dusen ‘72 Counselor, Bodman Law RICE TODAY Editor Ed Shaffer Design Brian Sabalinski (Clinton Township) Printing & Mailing Village Press (Traverse City) Contributors: John Birney ‘76, Tom Dekar, Downtown Publications, Ch ???????`??????????????5????5? ????????`??????5?????d??????A??????`???e???I????????`???????M???????? ??5???????M???????9?????M???????5????A??M??????A??????????5??? ??????`??? ????????`??? ??????????????????)????1?????????????9???????????A???????`??? ????M????????`??? ??5???????M?????????M???????I??M?????`???1?????Q???????M??????Q?????`???Q?????U?????`??()????????????????????????? ????I????!????M???????=??M???????A?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????A??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ????I????!????M???????$$$?Q??????? ???????? ?????????????I?????Y???? ??????????????()1????????????????I????Q??????????????%?e????????????????????????????????????$?????????????????????????????????????????????????$????????????????????????????????????????????????q????????????t????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????$??????????????????????? ????I?????$??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????)?????A????d??)M????????]???()Q????????????????????????????? ?????M????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????M???????????I????????????????????????????!??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????!?????????????????????????????????????????L???e?????????????????????????????????????)?????????e1????)5??????? ?????d????????()????e?9???? ??????????????%???????U????????e?)?????M?????????5??????????????() I=Q!H?I% ?!% ?M !==0)A??????)???? ????d??A???????? ??5???????M???????  ?=?????????????????? ????????d???????????????M??????)???????????5?????d????????I???????=????????????????????A???????`???????M??????`??(??MAI%9?????()Q???M??????????? ?????????????5??)?????e?1????????????()Y?????????????????%??????????????????????d?????????????????????-???????e???)%?????M???????????=????????? ???????M???????????()$??????????????????????IP?????????9??????????????????????????? ????I??????????]????????????????????????????????????????????? ????I?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????IP??????????????????????5???????5??????d??)I???????!????()]????????????????????????????????????????????M???????????????5????????? ??????????????????????????????A??????????????????????????????????????????]??????????????????????????((?((?() =II Q%=8()?????????9????????d??e?????????????T????7?e?M????M?????????????????????I????Q???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????%??????????MM??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????((0