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Immersion cooling using dielectric fluids like Total Rubia EV for lithium batteries is proving key to mining BEV safety and success

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Oils and lubricants continue to ensure optimum mining equipment performance in extreme conditions , while for BEVs , dielectric fluids are a vital part of the mix , reports Paul Moore

Back in May 2023 , one of the presenting companies at The Electric Mine 2023 conference was TotalEnergies Lubrifiants – with Louis Thiery , Product Development Engineer Heavy-Duty and Off-Road Lubricants , talking on : ‘ What can fluids bring to the electrification of mining ?’ At the heart of this was the discussion of immersion cooling with fluids to increase the safety of the battery , regardless of the battery cell type used . For ultra-fast charging a better cooling capacity requires a better heat exchange between the cells and the coolant . Direct contact offers the best conditions . A dielectric fluid such as TotalEnergies ’ Rubia EV Fluid circulates in the module and is in direct contact with the cell . There is a large contact area , only one interface between cells and the coolant fluid plus the thermal interface is perfectly defined . At the same time , the fluid dielectric properties must remain stable throughout mining usage in spite of harsh operating conditions : rising temperatures , oxidation , humidity , particle abrasion .

Rubia EV Fluid can be offered in a Cell Shield formulation for maximum levels of safety . Thermal runaway propagation can be avoided and it has been proven in demonstrations made on different cell types , with total or partial immersion . It offers excellent performances due to the very high temperature of auto ignition (> 400 ° C ), which is the highest in the market on a product without fluorine and also has low viscosity . The usage of the Cell Shield can support the demonstration of the battery safety concept and the compliance with the ASIL level specified by the OEM . Usage is compatible with the new regulations where the thermal runaway is evaluated . Finally these dielectric fluids have the potential to reduce the cost and weight of the battery system – highlighting lighter and cheaper batteries with a simplified design .
Castrol continues collaboration with XING Mobility
Staying with the EV fluids topic , in 2021 , XING Mobility and Castrol , a wholly-owned subsidiary of BP PLC , partnered to develop XING Mobility ’ s immersion cooling battery technology further , utilising Castrol ’ s advanced thermal management fluid to deliver power and safety to the EV market . This has resulted in a solution for the XING Mobility IMMERSIO™ XM25 battery system which is particularly well suited to heavy-duty commercial applications , such as electrified vehicles used in the mining sector . It builds on the success of Xing Mobility ’ s breakthrough IMMERSIO™ 1.0 modular battery system , which
debuted in 2019 and has been key to the company ’ s market leadership in the field of immersion cooling technology .
XING Mobility has worked with Castrol on the deployment of Castrol ON EV Thermal Fluid with its 21700 NMC battery cells . The immersion cooling design maximises battery safety and performance , and offers very high levels of durability – proven through advanced engineering projects with Castrol and various customers worldwide . Castrol ON EV Thermal Fluid is circulated through the XING Mobility battery system , in direct contact with battery cells and with a dynamic flow rate to provide superior battery thermal management and optimal efficiency . IMMERSIO™ XM25 is equipped with active suppression against thermal runaway , 1C / 1.67C in charging / discharging , and 3,000 + cycle life . It can serve up to 800V by string . Xing Mobility also acquired UN38.3 and ECE R100 certificates for the next-generation product .
“ This type of immersion technology will become increasingly important for unlocking the full potential of electrified powertrains , powering the global mobility revolution ” said Royce Hong , Co-Founder & CEO of XING Mobility . “ IMMERSIO™ XM25 is ready for the most demanding applications – including commercial vehicles and heavy equipment . We look forward to collaborating with our partners and customers to accelerate the electrification transformation for all business fleets .”
Bel-Ray ' s top tier solutions
Bel-Ray ’ s top tier , open gear lubricants it says are stronger and more fortified than ever . Molylube ® SF100 Semi-Synthetic Open Gear Lubricant is a top tier , grease-type open gear lubricant . It has a semi-synthetic base fluid and an aluminum complex thickener , and it offers the highest level of extreme pressure , anti-wear and retention performance . There is a grade of Molylube ® SF100 Semi-Synthetic Open Gear Lubricant for all point of application temperatures between -50 ° C and + 50 ° C . Molylube ® SF100 OG Open Gear Lubricant is a top tier , grease-type open gear lubricant . It offers all of the high performance features of the Molylube ® SF100 Semi-Synthetic Open Gear Lubricant in a mineral oil based product . There is a grade of Molylube ® SF100 OG Open Gear Lubricant for all point of application temperatures between -5 ° C and + 35 ° C . Molylube ® Gear Tac Tacky Open Gear Lubricant is a high viscosity , semi-synthetic open gear compound . Its high viscosity promotes exceptional film formation and maintenance for both rolling and sliding contacts . The product offers the highest level of extreme pressure , antiwear and retention performance . There is a grade of Molylube ® Gear Tac Tacky Open Gear Lubricant
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