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CR Digital Titan 3330 simulator
CR Digital has built a virtual simulator to bring the Titan 3330 Load Haul Optimization System out of the mine site . Players can experience Titan 3330 as if they ’ re the operators of a backhoe excavator , trying to hit target payloads and getting real-time feedback on their accuracy . The experience is as realistic as possible , and players can test their skills under different weather conditions or at night . GET can even fall off while operating , with players notified by GET Trakka to stop and find the component . Unveiled at MINExpo 2021 , the simulator allowed visitors to control an excavator using two joysticks and a large monitor , along with a real Titan 3330 screen to monitor their digging in real-time . For an added challenge , players competed for the highest score based on two measures : Productivity - how many tonnes were moved and how closely trucks were loaded to target payload – as scored by CR ’ s Orion Data Analysis ; and Safety - safely operating the excavator by avoiding collisions with dump trucks .
training simulators bridges this gap by providing a compact and flexible solution while retaining the tactile learning elements that are critical for training underground drill rig operators and maintenance teams . The Digital Driller™ range enables comprehensive operator training and learning of the rig ' s control system in a realistic environment identical to Sandvik ’ s real machines .
With the additional challenge of travel and site visitation restrictions over the past 18 months , Digital Driller™ simulators have provided miners and contractors with the opportunity to develop and refresh their operators ’ skills on Sandvik drill rigs without losing momentum . Operators can be trained before the drill rig arrives on site and the drill start-up period is shortened as the transition to the real equipment is faster , improving efficiency and productivity on site . Since real equipment is not required for training purposes when using the simulators , equipment availability at site remains unaffected .
Digital Driller™ has been developed for underground hard rock environments and simulates operation of a real rig , using authentic controls combined with the same control system software as Sandvik ’ s underground drill rigs . It provides comprehensive technical training of the control system and operators can develop their skills progressively from basic boom movements and manual drilling , to fully automated drilling operations using various training scenarios . Safety is not only paramount for operators ; equipment and environmental safety is also considered , and the virtual environment allows for repeatable learning with zero risk of damage to the rig , environment , or personnel . Thanks to the training course management tool , training sessions can be customized using multiple preplanned scenarios and can be extended to classroom learning or small group training . Guided practicing before commissioning allows higher utilisation and productivity rates from day one . Trainees progressively learn to : n Use all functions and set up parameters of the control system n Accurately control the boom and feed in a pre-defined drill plan n Mark and set angles and drilling start points within defined parameters n Drill hole collaring in varying start positions n Navigate the rig to match the drill plan using the navigation tools n Drill in varying rock conditions n Use different cable bolting process like cement mixing , grouting n And cable installation n Safely conduct daily maintenance checks n Manage other applications specific functions . The exercise results are measured against time , accuracy and various parameters like optimal feed / rotation pressure , percussion and flushing . The exercises can be repeated when needed and self-learning is possible . The progress reporting tool creates evaluation reports on criteria measuring trainees ’ performances to effectively assess their skills . The simulators are compact , measuring 1.2 m x 0.5 m , and are easily portable , with the protective wheeled case weighing 50 kg total ( the simulator
weighing just 20 kg itself ). Sandvik aims to be as inclusive as possible with the training materials , offering the software in eight different languages as standard , with other translations available on request .
Digital Driller™ is currently available for Sandvik ’ s intelligent and automated underground drill rigs , including DD422i / iE , DS412i / iE , DS422i , DL421 , DL432i and DT922i drill rigs . DT923i and DD422i-Dual Control Digital Driller™ simulators are under development and expected to be available in mid-2022 . The newest Digital Driller™ module , DS412iE , is specifically designed to support the new Sandvik DS412iE battery-electric rock bolter . Both the rig and the DS412iE training module were introduced earlier this year at MINExpo 2021 , where delegates could have a hands-on experience using the training simulator on display at the Sandvik booth .
The new version retains the key features of being low weight and highly portable , enabling it to be used where it is most needed – on site . Use of the simulator is estimated to increase annual productivity by 5 % due to increased rig availability alone . In addition , training costs are reduced by up to 35 % through less energy and consumables costs and reduced rig damage .
As many of Sandvik ’ s customers are finding , the benefits of utilising training simulators like the Digital Driller™ go beyond cost and efficiency improvements ; the digital learning environment also enables a more diverse workforce , with operators from different backgrounds and with different levels of experience able to complete training in a more inclusive environment . As an example , Digital Driller™ has improved operator diversity and increased employment opportunities at Nexa Resources ' Aripuanã polymetallic project in Brazil .
The Digital Driller™ range enables comprehensive operator training and learning of the rig ' s control system in a realistic environment identical to Sandvik ’ s real machines
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