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Cameras for COVID
The mining company response to COVID-19 has been well documented with leaders in the industry providing funds on a local and national scale , as well as shutting down susceptible operations , to tackle the virus outbreak and ‘ flatten the curve ’. The mining equipment , technology and services side is also doing its bit for the cause .
Vision enhancement specialist PROVIX has recently released a new thermal camera ( pictured ) to measure body and face temperatures that , it believes , will provide companies with a proactive COVID-19 detection method .
Its thermal vision camera systems are normally mentioned in IM in relation to providing more productive operations in drilling , mucking , hauling , blasting , tramming , loading and rescue operations , but the Ontario-based company has recently redirected its efforts to help detect infections that could be linked to the COVID-19 virus .
As PROVIX says , one of the main symptoms of a viral infection is an abnormal body temperature . “ The normal body temperature ranges from 36.5 ° C to 37 ° C , and , if it exceeds 37.3 ° C , it is a true pathological fever ,” the company said .
PROVIX ’ s non-contact temperature detector can achieve rapid preliminary temperature screening of people passing through the thermo-visual device , it said .
The company has improved and upgraded the facial recognition technology and automatic infrared facial temperature measurement for this new system , which will measure accurate forehead temperature and report any abnormalities with an alarm , PROVIX says .
“ The equipment will automatically save the facial image , temperature record , passed time , name , ID card information record , etc ,” the company explained .
While handheld temperature reading has been commonplace during the height of the pandemic , PROVIX says this method takes longer and puts those staff administering the test at risk of contracting the virus . Due to the consistent contact that comes with handheld body
PROVIX says its non-contact temperature detector can achieve rapid preliminary temperature screening of people passing through the thermo-visual device
temperature devices , there is also a higher risk of spreading the virus further , PROVIX said .
There is typically nowhere to record and retain this temperature data either .
PROVIX says its new thermal camera device can store up to 10,000 records , which includes temperature information and identity information , while providing an integrated video management platform that allows for video preview , playback , alarm management , electronic mapping and other functions .
Provix says the thermal camera is being used by miners as a pre-screening method to proactively scan every person ’ s temperature that goes through security .
As well as being used at over 30 mine sites in Canada , USA and parts of South America , the system has also been integrated with the NORCAT Safesite app screening questionnaire , a PROVIX spokesperson told IM .
All-in-one gas monitoring
One avenue for preventing emergency situations is by carrying out the monitoring of potentially dangerous gases within the mining environment .
For this purpose , specifically , Becker Mining Systems has released a new customisable gas monitoring unit that , it says , is reliable in all mining environments .
The smartsense ® Single Gas Monitor SSSG-100 has been manufactured for everyday safety , with the IS-designed terminal module available in two versions : equipped with an on-board sensor to provide an all-in-one environmental monitoring solution , or as a display module to provide quick access to real-time data . Further system expansion is available through the optional external input / output ports for both versions of the terminal module , according to Becker .
“ Due to its modular architecture , robust multigas monitoring systems can be customised by adding up to six SSSG-100 sensor modules that stack easily and neatly together ,” the company says . “ Hot-swap capability ” simplifies sensor calibration and replacement , according to Becker , while the customised SSSG calibration caps make for a quick and streamlined LED-guided calibration process .
The SSSG-100 Alarm Module allows for extra safety with its wide viewing angle , red-ambergreen visual warning system , and 100 dBa audible alarm .
And there is the possibility to review performance to analyse longer-term trends within the system .
“ The smartsense Single Gas Monitor SSSG-100 functions like a ‘ black box ’ as it stores critical information such as calibration and alarm history , and data logging for post-accident investigation ,” Becker says .
Fully programmable set points for alarm and output controls , along with short-term exposure limit and time-weighted average limits for sensor modules , can be configured and viewed through the RS485 Modbus , the company added .
While the smartsense product has been operating at mines since the early part of 2015 , the updated SSSG-100 version has recently been installed in Brazil and South Africa , according to Albert Bower , Chief Executive Officer of Becker
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