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utilised for longer . Plus , the lower weight in the end product needs less fuel for the same work , meaning emissions are potentially lower with every trip . All this adds up to significant CO 2 savings across the lifetime of Hercules dump body .”
Expanding ESCO
Weir ESCO has continued a steep growth trajectory since it became a part of the Weir Group in 2019 .
While ground engaging tools ( GET ) continue to be its mainstay , it has also branched out into other complementary areas that improve equipment component longevity as well as mine site safety .
Recently the company acquired Carriere Industrial Supply Limited ( CIS ), a manufacturer and distributor of highly engineered wear parts and aftermarket service provider to Canada ’ s mining industry .
The transaction builds on a long relationship with CIS , acting as Weir ESCO distributor in Eastern Canada for many years , while delivering on ESCO ’ s strategy to have direct sales channels in major mining markets .
Nate Jones , Weir ESCO Director , Strategic Planning , told IM that the acquisition presents significant opportunities for Weir ESCO in the underground hard-rock mining space in Canada and beyond .
“ Our customers challenge us to innovate and develop new products , and that same commitment is evident in CIS ’ strong product and service offering : surface mining buckets , GET and truck bodies , as well as underground LHD buckets , GET and underground truck bodies , not to mention the abrasion resistant wear liners and other products that are essential to all mining operations ,” he said .
The company ’ s immediate focus is on the underground mines of Quebec and Eastern Canada that CIS has started servicing more recently .
“ Beyond that , the underground market will continue to play an important role in the extraction of minerals that will enable the economy of the future ,” Jones said . “ A lot of that mining is being done by operators that Weir currently services in parts of the world where we have an existing sales and service presence .”
When it comes to safety , Weir ESCO continues to play a role in improving HSE at mine sites , developing products like the ToolTek™ system .
Steve Lennard says this year Weir ESCO is expanding the global availability of its ToolTek system through a programmed release plan
This system was a collaborative effort with key mining customers that provides enhanced safety for maintenance personnel during the replacement of worn Nemisys ® points and adapters , according to Weir ESCO . It features a hydraulic crane-mounted tool that is remotely operated , well out of harm ’ s way during the replacement of worn components . New parts are pre-staged on racks positioned on the flatbed truck outfitted with the hydraulic crane . The truck also features a recycle bin for safer disposal of worn parts .
The company recently confirmed a second order for the system from a global miner at an Australia-based iron ore operation . This repeat order was based on the safety and performance of the initial unit the company delivered the operation in 2021 , according to Steve Lennard , Weir ESCO , Head of Technology and Sustainability .
“ This year , we ’ re expanding the global availability of the Weir ESCO ToolTek system through a programmed release plan , while also continuing to address the growing interest for our innovation technology in the Australian market ,” he said .
Motion Metrics also recently joined the Weir Group , in the process becoming part of Weir ESCO line-up .
Vancouver-based Motion Metrics is a market leading developer of innovative artificial intelligence and 3D rugged Machine Vision Technology used in mines worldwide . Its technology helps miners increase safety , efficiency and sustainability of their operations , producing smart , rugged cameras that monitor and provide valuable and timely data on equipment performance , faults , payloads and rock fragmentation , Weir Group said .
When this deal was announced , the Weir Group flagged early adoption potential for this Machine Vision Technology in ESCO ’ s GET : an area Jones was able to expand on .
“ The acquisition of Motion Metrics brings with it an invaluable suite of mining technologies ,” he said . “ They pioneered loss detection and have developed some really exciting new capabilities that are broadly applicable throughout the Weir Group .
“ Compared with alternative technologies , vision-based loss detection is non-invasive and GET brand-agnostic , so the same platform can easily work with the entire mine fleet , even if machines are running different types of tooth systems .”
A single installation can also enable many additional solutions beyond just loss detection , including GET tooth wear monitoring to assist in end-of-life prediction , boulder detection and particle size analysis , according to Jones .
“ The Motion Metrics team has a strong culture of close customer collaboration and these productivity partnerships are helping drive us toward the delivery of an ecosystem of solutions that enhances our partners ’ efficiency , safety and sustainability ,” he said .
Motion Metrics particle size analysis algorithm at work on a payload
Lennard said the Motion Metrics acquisition was already providing significant stakeholder value , with the recent release of ShovelMetrics™ Gen 3 delivering high reliability and fast response GET loss detection capabilities to end users .
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