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addressing the new cyanide destruction requirements in a cost-effective manner , BQE Water became the industry leader in cyanide recovery through its expertise in SART ( sulphidisation , acidification , recycling and thickening ) technology ,” BQE says . “ Together , our combined expertise will enable BQE Water to offer complete cyanide management services .”
A golden game changer
Metso Outotec ’ s hydrometallurgical business may have its roots fixed in the base metals industry , but in the last decade it has been gaining a reputation for outperforming its peers in the gold CIL sector .
According to Teemu Ritasalo , Director , Hydrometallurgical Equipment and Plants at Metso Outotec , the company ’ s gold processing expertise was born out of Outotec and tied to a key pressure oxidation ( POX ) project to address the processing needs of refractory ore sources in 2011 .
“ This project led to us developing our own inhouse refractory POX autoclave offering ,” he told IM . “ This proved very successful where we were able to supply the whole plant based on our OKTOP ® design .”
Adding South Africa-based Biomin and its BIOX ® technology to the portfolio in late 2015 further bolstered the company ’ s POX , biooxidation technology and roasting portfolio , and led to the company moving into the cyanidebased leaching arena .
The first CIL reactor deliveries based on the OKTOP agitator design were carried out in that same year – one going to Argentina and another going to Turkey – and , over the last seven years , the company ’ s R & D team ( now under Metso Outotec ) has been working to refine and differentiate this OKTOP CIL Reactor technology from other offerings on the market .
Metso Outotec is now in the position where it is combining various system improvements it has made over this timeframe into a single package that , it claims , can reduce gold losses caused by activated carbon breakage and electric energy consumption by up to 50 % when compared with other hydrofoil agitator-based designs .
The “ next generation ” of Metso Outotec ’ s agitated OKTOP CIL Reactor for gold cyanide leaching and recovery provides a new agitation system that saves power , a new carbon measurement system that allows automation of the plant , and many other enhancements , according to Jan Van Niekerk , Director for Gold Processing Solutions at Metso Outotec .
“ We have also passed the Planet Positive designation , which is becoming more and more important for our clients , many of whom are looking for energy-efficient designs whenever selecting equipment ,” he said .
Metso Outotec carried out the retrofit of two reactors with an OKTOP agitator and FlowBottom solution at Dragon Mining ’ s Svartliden operation in Sweden
The Planet Positive portfolio focuses on the most environmentally efficient technologies – of which there are more than 100 – in Metso Outotec ’ s offering , responding to the sustainability requirements of its customers in the industries it serves . The customer requirements relate to energy or water efficiency , reduction of emissions , circularity and safety , the company says .
It ’ s easy to see the credentials on show when breaking down the single package CIL offering .
The patented OKTOP FlowBottom technology on board this new generation of OKTOP CIL Reactor assists in solids suspension , lowering the agitational requirement needed for full suspension conditions dramatically and bringing several benefits , such as homogeneous suspension of solids with reduced mixing power and decreased carbon attrition and related gold losses , according to the company .
It is well known that carbon attrition and nonideal carbon management can result in gold being lost in carbon fines and to the solution , with the former mainly being abrasion-related . While the attrition rate depends on ore and carbon characteristics , it is always proportional to the mixing power intensity . The reduction in required mixing power input provided by the novel tank bottom structure of FlowBottom , therefore , can potentially reduce these gold losses .
OKTOP SandSense™ , meanwhile , controls the agitation speed dynamically to produce just the right amount of energy needed for the mixing
task in any given time , according to Metso Outotec . This solution reduces wear , improves
energy consumption and detects upstream problems , the company adds .
The CarbonSense™ in-situ measurement system helps minimise gold solution losses . When combined with the CIL optimizer – which controls the gold CIL circuit to always achieve optimal processing conditions – it maximises the recovery of gold from the ore . It also automatically monitors and controls carbon concentration and cyanide dosing using continuous data measurement , according to Metso Outotec .
Add to this the optional Courier ® 6G SL onstream analyser for direct measurement of gold from ore feed , concentrate , and tailings streams , and it ’ s easy to see that the ‘ whole is greater than the sum of the parts ’ in this equation .
Metso Outotec has established and proven these solutions in more than just the lab , as Ritasalo explained .
A greenfield operation in Saudi Arabia has already installed a 3,000 cu . m OKTOP CIL Reactor with all the additional functionality mentioned above , demonstrating its efficiency and performance with slurry and carbon-loaded inputs .
And , in Sweden at Dragon Mining ’ s Svartliden mine , the company can reflect on a retrofit solution that has proven OKTOP ’ s credentials .
“ This mine had some issues in the cyanide leaching section with their previous agitators , experiencing heavy solid accumulation and sanding issues ,” Ritasalo said . Estimates were that the company was losing about 10-15 % of operational volume due to sanding .
He continued : “ They wanted to retrofit those cyanide leaching reactors with an upgraded mixing solution without increasing the mixing power of those reactors .
“ Our FlowBottom design was viewed as a good option to make the reactors perform more efficiently , while avoiding sanding and accumulation , and consuming the same amount of power .”
The company has been able to carry out the retrofit of these two reactors with an OKTOP agitator and FlowBottom solution , which reduced the mixing intensity and power consumption within the circuit without a drop in performance , according to Ritasalo .
“ It is that digital monitoring and control element , on top of the energy-efficient agitator design , that has resulted in a very positive outcome ,” he said .
Van Niekerk sees Metso Outotec ’ s digital solutions continuing to get the most out of its plant in the gold processing space , starting at the plant optimisation and design levels with the capabilities of its digital twin , Geminex , before moving onto other operational solutions .
“ The digital integration will be the game changer , reducing the dependency on the plant operator and allowing remote access to plant operation that is becoming more important in the environment and world we are moving into ,” he
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